Make Your Child's Day Special with Clifford the Dog Party Supplies

Cartoon themes make for memorable children's parties. Kids can better remember the fun they had when their memories of the affair are brightly colored by their favorite cartoon characters. Even very young children of pet lovers could have lots of fun at "puppy parties," if they recognize the mascot or the character on all the patterns. Guess which dog cartoon character happens to be among the most popular for kids? It's Clifford, the Big Red Dog! Get Clifford the Dog party supplies to make your tiny tots' party much more fun!

Clifford the Dog party supplies can be found pretty much everywhere, as he is always in demand at parties! This wholesome, fun character is popular among children from preschool age, to the first and second grades, when little schoolchildren are just learning how to read. A lot of kids have Clifford the Big Red Dog books as part of their essential learn-to-read list, and many are affected at their impressionable ages with the honesty, respect and love constantly displayed by Clifford and his little friends.

Everyone knows who Clifford the Dog is. This lovable character was created by Norman Bridwell on February 15, 1962, which fans of the Clifford books have come to recognize as his birth date! Mr. Bridwell named the character after his wife's childhood imaginary friend, who was named Clifford. He was in the act of drawing Clifford when he noticed he had a big jar of red paint nearby, and he decided it would be fun to color his new puppy in as red. Thus, Clifford the Big Red Dog was born!

Clifford has a friend named Emily Elizabeth, an adorable blonde little girl who loves Clifford. Mr. Bridwell admitted that while Clifford was not based on any real dog (though he did have a dog named Piper once!), the character and name of Emily Elizabeth were inspired by Mr. Bridwell's daughter, who is now grown. A lot of little girls who read the Clifford books identify with her - and some wish they had Cliffords of their own! Mr. Bridwell may have created the giant friendly dog in 1962, but in most of the Clifford books, he is only around 6 years old.

If you and your spouse should happen to be dog lovers, and your little darling, who's going to celebrate his birthday, happens to like Clifford the Big Red Dog, it would be great fun for all if you bought Clifford the Dog party supplies for his special day! You could also hire a Clifford mascot who could interact with the children and make the day even more fun. Many years later, these children would look back at the time when they met their favorite reading buddy and fictional friend in person. They could tell themselves, with nostalgic delight: "I hugged Clifford! He wasn't just an imaginary friend!"

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