Making the Most Out of Your Old Pet Supplies: Discontinued Lupine Dog Collars

What to do with discontinued Lupine dog collars, and other quality collars that are no longer being produced? You can keep them until they become so used you need to replace them immediately, but are there any other alternatives?

When a pet care product is discontinued, Lupine dog collars and other brand name products included, owners of these items may feel a bit problematic. What if the pet has already become extremely comfortable with the feel and make of the item - and it happens to be damaged? How will it be fixed or replaced if the product and its parts are no longer in circulation?

In the case of Lupine, there's no need to worry about regular, currently commercially available collars: each Lupine product has a lifetime guarantee, even if the collar you bought for your pet has already been chewed on. But the case may be different for a discontinued collar. Once your discontinued Lupine dog collars have been damaged, your only choice is to replace them with newer collars. Now, if your pet has already become accustomed to his old Lupine collar, there's still no need to fret, as long as you're thinking of buying your new collar from the same manufacturer, Lupine. Chances are your pet will adjust quickly to the new thing around his neck, as the feeling of it is not exactly foreign.

Another advantage to sticking with Lupine as a pet supplies brand is that this company actually replaces discontinued collars! All you need to do is trade a discontinued collar in for a newer model, even if your old model has been damaged by your pet's worrying or heavy activity. You don't need to keep it around or buy a new model at full price!

Why do pet care product manufacturers need to discontinue some of their items? Usually it is in order to make room in stock for newer models, which may be vastly improved versions of the discontinued items. Legacy items, signature products that have been associated with the company by its loyal patrons, are very seldom discontinued, which is a good reason to invest in the most popular, most durable product of any manufacturing line.

Discontinued pet supplies may be discarded of course, but why waste them if you can hand them in for models that will serve you and your pets just as faithfully - if not more? Make the best of your discontinued Lupine dog collars while you can - and when the time comes to replace them, trade them in for newer and better models.

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