How to Control Dog Barking – Some Tips

Dog barking can be a major problem, especially if it's YOUR dog! If there is anything neighbors hate, it's loud noise coming from your house or garden - not everything is music to one's ears. And dogs barking seemingly without good reason is exceptionally annoying.

Dog barking can be controlled through a number of ways, but as with all forms of dog training, positive reinforcement helps more than hitting your dog or just shouting at him to quiet down. You can try to restrain your dog from barking by using a muzzle, but this won't stop him from whining and in the end, you haven't resolved the noise problem. Sometimes dogs bark for no visible reason, but it's only because they're lonely or restless.

One of the lesser known ways of stopping a dog from barking is by countering noise with noise. How to do this? Put a few coins or pebbles inside a small empty can, and whenever your dog starts barking, take the can in hand and shake it. The noise will startle the dog and make him stop barking. He might start up again in a bit, but just shake the can again; sooner or later your dog will understand what the noise means, and be conditioned to respect it.

If you're keeping a puppy and the poor little thing can't stop barking, take him aside and hold his jaws shut. While you're holding the jaws closed, say "No!" firmly. Release the muzzle once the puppy has calmed down... but if he starts barking again, repeat what you did. Sooner or later he'll get the hint, or will at least be too exhausted to continue barking, then go back to sleep. After a few days of this, your puppy will be sure to understand what "No!" means when he barks.

Special collars are another way to train your pets into behaving - but try to avoid shock collars, except in very extreme cases. Tone or vibration collars won't harm your dog, but ought to work as well. Vibration collars may be smarter, especially if you're keeping more than one dog, since it's quieter. Moreover, tone collars may emit sounds similar to cell phones or other digital devices, and they might end up confusing your dog more than helping him.

Stopping dog barking doesn't have to be a tricky task... however, it is important to remain humane and considerate of your dog, at all costs.

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