Dog Grooming Supplies for Your Pet's Beauty and Health

A new pet owner may wonder what the purpose of buying top-grade dog grooming supplies is. You can easily borrow grooming supplies from other pet owners, right? And all brushes, soaps and shampoos are the same anyway. Why the need to be discriminating about the kinds of things you use just to make your pet prettier, if your priority is your pet's health anyway?

But as all good pet owners know, dog grooming supplies not only make for a prettier pet - they make for a healthier pet as well. The cleaner a dog is, the fewer diseases he is likely to catch, and the fewer pests will be likely to prey on him. This is why you shouldn't borrow grooming supplies like combs and brushes from other pet owners - though they may LOOK clean, they may still carry fleas, ticks, or random diseases that may be acquired through contact. Just as you wouldn't borrow other people's combs or toothbrushes, don't borrow equipment for your pet, either!

Brushes and combs for dogs aren't all the same. There are different grooming brushes for dogs with thin fur, and dogs with thick fur. Brushing your dog with the right size and kind of brush regularly will clear your dog's fur of tangles and burrs, and massage out the oil from the surface of your dog's skin... this will give the fur a nice healthy sheen.

It may not need to be said that not all shampoos and soaps are created equal. There are bath products just for enhancing the smoothness or richness of your pet's coat, and then again there are bath products for eliminating pests and skin diseases. Which is your priority? Sometimes even pest-killing soaps and shampoos come with chemicals that are good for your pet's coat; it doesn't follow that medicinal bath products also mean a duller coat. Be careful about the strength of the shampoos you use, too - puppies and small dogs will need milder shampoos than large dogs, especially if they need pesticide soaps. It is best not to use pesticide soaps on your pet until your veterinarian has given the word!

A pet needs to be pampered too - not just with treats and praise, but also with careful cleaning and maintenance. Invest in the best grooming supplies and help your pet enjoy being squeaky clean! Good dog grooming supplies are an investment, one that may well last you and your pet a lifetime.

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