How To Care For An Injured Dog

One thing many owners never want to have to deal with is an injured dog. As an owner dealing with your injured dog is not something that is a pleasant situation. If your dog is seriously injured there are some things to keep in mind.

To prevent your dog from being injured in the first place obedience is needed. If your dog can learn to listen and obey you he will avoid most dangers that will cause him serious injury. The most common cause of serious injury is your dog being hit by a car. If the dog is obedient and knows to stay out of the street there should not be a problem. Another cause of injury would be if your dog gets injured in a fight with another dog.

Since dogs, just like humans, don�t listen all the time, injuries can occur, and being informed on what to do is important. Knowing what to do in case of an emergency will help keep you calm., and able to assist your dog in his time of need.

The first thing that needs to be done is to check the dogs body for signs of injury. Look for cuts, other wounds, and distorted limbs. Check the body over thoroughly to make sure all injuries are noted. If the dog has a spinal injury be very careful so that no further damage is caused. A muzzle may be needed in order for someone to check the dog over. The dog will probably not want to be messed with, but I necessary to access the damage. A scarf, rope, or any other handy item may be used to muzzle the dog, and prevent him from biting someone. Do make sure that the muzzle is on tight.

Now get some people to help you. One person will be needed to stop traffic if you are on a busy road, if the accident happens on a slower road this may not be necessary. If the injury is from another dog, the other dog will need to be taken some where else. Help will be needed to get the dog out of the way of further danger. A blanket or coat is a good way to drag the dog out of the way. This is a great choice as it takes less effort from the owner, and is easier on the dog as they are not being jostled around from someone trying to carry them.

After the dog is out of the way of any further damage a more thorough check for injury will need to be done. Make sure to check everything, such as broken or dislocated bones. If the dog appears to have broken bones a temporary splint may be used until the dog can be taken to the vet. If spinal injury is suspected use a flat board to lie the dog on to transport him to the vet.

Even if the dog appears to be fine, a visit to the vet is a good idea. Internal injuries are a serious injury, but not always detected by owners. A vet will be able to check the dog for any and all injuries, and give treatment if needed.

Written by Kelly Marshall of Oh My Dog Supplies, the upscale source for dog beds and dog feeders online

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