How Severely Rabies can affect your dog

You may be thinking that rabies are not that harmful to your animal. The truth is rabies is a disease affects most warm blooded animals such as dogs, bats, foxes, raccoons, meat eaters, and even humans.

There is really only one way for rabies to develop in an animal. In order for the dog disease to get transferred or for your dog to get rabies the saliva of a dog that has rabies has to get into the bloodstream of the victim. This can happen by an open wound, a bite, or mucus membrane.

There is a time between when the dog gets exposed to the disease and when the symptoms occur which is called incubation period. This period varies from dog to dog but for the most part it takes about two to three weeks, in some cases is has been known to take several months.

The main journey of this virus is along the brain nerve networks. So the further away the ejection sight is from the brain, the longer it takes the virus to incubate. Once the disease is in the brain of the victim, what ever that may be, it travels to the salivary glands, again on the nerves, and there it starts to multiply.

There are some signs of this disease in dogs that can let you know if there is inflammation in the brain, or in other words encephalitis. One of the main things that a person can notice or does notice about their dog is how their behavior changes. For instance a quiet and friendly dog may become aggressive and irritable. A shy and quiet dog could be come overly affectionate and not want to leave your side hardly at all. Another main sign that your dog has this disease and or virus is when your dog develops a slight fever along with vomiting and diarrhea.

As the disease and or virus advances the dog may show some signs of aggressiveness and furious behavior; the dog and or victim may also become paralytic. Some animals may show only signs of one of these behaviors while other dogs may show signs of both. This all depends on how bad the dog has been infected with the disease and or virus.

The aggressive and furious behavior that is known with the dog disease is often known as the mad dog behavior. The dog, when in this state, tends to bit anything that gets in its path and act in a vicious and violent manner. Soon after this starts to occur, the dog will start to go threw sporadic convulsions that eventually increase in interval and rate of recurrence. This will most likely result in paralysis and then not long after that to death.

If paralytic does occur what happens is, the muscles of the head are parlayed and from that the mouth drops open and the tongue hangs out. The dog will not be able to swallow as a result of this and will not be able to drink anything. He will eventually start to paw at his mouth from the paralization. In very advanced stages of this disease, the dog will become paralyzed completely.

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