Dog Rawhide Bones, Chews, Treats: Puppy Training Aids

What are the essential puppy training supplies to have? Well, if you're a humane, considerate and loving pet owner, you'll look into the supplies that give your pet positive reinforcement. Dog rawhide bones, chews, treats; training your puppy using these is a good idea. It may seem like spoiling your puppy because some brands of pet training supplies tend to be expensive, but you'll see the value of these items once your puppy grows up to be strong, healthy and happy!

In fact, many pet care professionals recommend having dog rawhide bones, chews, and treats nearby when you're training your puppy from home. Negative reinforcement like hitting the puppy and muzzling or caging it when she misbehaves may have been a big thing among pet owners and dog trainers in the past... but those tactics are no longer hot these days. These days, people can understand and communicate with their domesticated pets in more advanced and effective ways. Teaching your puppy new tricks (like rolling over, jumping, and fetching) and basic skills (such as being housebroken, barking when there is a stranger in the house or yard, and eating and sleeping on schedule) may be better achieved by using the "reward incentive" - that is, giving your pet a special treat or a pat on the head when she does something right.

If you're worried about the cost, you may just consider buying the rawhide bones from stores - and making the rest of the positive reinforcement supplies at home! Cookies and brownies that are so loved by pets - and so expensive in pet stores! - may be manufactured at home using affordable materials purchased from your friendly neighborhood grocery. You can also make your own toys - but be careful to follow the instructions to the letter! There are some creative toy-making instructions to be found online. Puppy toys must be made of materials that are safe, hypoallergenic and clean, as puppies still tend to be sensitive.

Chewable materials such as rawhide bones may not strictly belong to the "positive reinforcement items" category, but they are still rather essential to your puppy's housebreaking and obedience training. Growing puppies tend to teeth on anything they can reach, and this may include shoes, fabrics, furniture legs, or even your own legs! Rawhide bones are tough enough to exercise your puppy's gums, and at the same time come in delicious flavors that your puppy is sure to enjoy!

Training your puppy doesn't need to be a tedious, painful task. You can have fun with your puppy, as long as you have the right attitude and the right equipment! Buy dog rawhide bones, chews, treats and toys to make the experience of training your puppy much more pleasant. It's like giving yourself and your pet great growing-up memories!

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