Dog Training, Dade City and Miami Style!

When it comes to dog training, Dade city and other Miami areas can boast of the finest facilities. Totally Dog, based along the South Dixie Highway in Miami, is one of the most popular day camps in the area, having attracted the attention of CNN, NBC 6 News, The Today Show, ABC News, Bark TV, CNBC, Inside Edition, and many other print, TV and Net reporting bodies. This camp boasts of having top-rate pet care and schooling equipment, and the services of certified and truly professional dog trainers and pet first aiders. The day camp's founder, Elena Lopez de Mesa, is a Certified Canine Behavior Specialist accredited by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) canine behaviorists.

One of its pioneering features of the Totally Dog training camp is the innovative Doggie Bus, the FIRST school bus for dogs! The bus goes around the Miami area to pick up the dogs from their homes in the morning, take them to camp, then take them home in the afternoon. This day camp has over 2 acres of play area, a comprehensive training course, and a fun swimming pool - pets are sure to love this sort of establishment! Read more about this camp at its official website at http://www.totallydog.com

If you have specific training needs, consider specialized training schools, such as the Metro Dade K9 Services Training Academy. These hardcore pros specialize in training K9 guard and attack dogs, for large dogs capable of handling the rigorous training courses. The Metro Dade K9 Services trains teams of dogs for police work and/or competition, specifically in the United States, Caribbean, Europe, Central and South America for the USPCA, DVG, USA, and KNPV. Want a good attack dog? Read more at their official website at http://www.metrodadek9.com/page/page/1798209.htm

When you're too busy to attend to training or caring for your pets yourself, there are professionals in your area who can do the job at an affordable cost. If you happen to live in Florida, specifically in the Miami area, consider having your pet undergo dog training, Dade city style.

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