Make Puppy Training Fun With Dog Treats and Cookies

New dog owners - might ask: what's the point of having dog treats and cookies if my pet already has dog food? Isn't commercially available dog food already supposed to be tasty and nutritious enough to make my pet happy...? What are the treats for anyway?

Well popularly, treats are used for dog training - puppy training, in particular. Rewarding your pet with dog treats and cookies whenever he does something right is a training method frequently referred to as "positive reinforcement." It's considered more humane (and certainly a great deal more pleasant, for both owner and pet!) than the old-fashioned hitting and punishing techniques. Nowadays, those techniques are called "negative reinforcement," and are considered not as effective as positive reinforcement.

On an even more basic level, giving out treats is a way to express your love for your pet. As with any animal, including humans, dogs become fonder of the other creatures in their vicinity when they receive gestures of affection from them. If you're serious about building a good relationship with your dog, you need to understand how important it is to make your dog feel loved and accomplished. Your dog needs to feel that he has pleased you, and you can do this by giving him praise, or giving him something that would satisfy his senses - such as a tasty treat, or a fun toy.

There are various kinds of dog treats available in the market: cookies, brownies, rawhide bones, flavored jerky and the like. If you're just starting out with your new pet, experiment with different types of treats, and observe your pet to see which treats he likes more than the rest. Invest in these particular treats and your pet will thank you for it! Your pet will normally gravitate to specific types or flavors of treats... but at the same time, he might get tired of his "usual" when he's had too much of it in a limited time. Try changing flavors first, then treat types, once your pet has shown a lack of enthusiasm for his "usual."

Treats are very necessary if you want to train your dog. If you feel that treats are too expensive, consider making your own batch at home. You can buy the ingredients needed for basic dog treats and cookies at your neighborhood grocery store. And you don't have to worry, because basic treats don't need expensive ingredients! Experiment with flavors too, so you'll find out which flavors and textures your pet would enjoy more. Another advantage to making your own treats is that your pet will develop a distinct taste for the edible treats you've made yourself, which would certainly add to the master-pet rapport.

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