Satisfaction Guaranteed Dog Treats

A lot of factors contribute to building a good rapport with your dog. Your presence is one vital factor: spending time with your pet allows your pet to become more familiar with you, and to trust you to be there in times of need. Another factor is how liberally he is praised whenever he does something good, or learns a new useful trick. Praise comes in different forms - soothing words, satisfied sounds, pats on the head... and receiving treats in exchange for a job well done. Make your pet happy with satisfaction guaranteed dog treats, and reap the benefits of having a happier pet!

A dog's training period should begin while he is still very small. Puppies learn faster than older dogs. It's guaranteed: dog treats are sure to speed up your puppy's learning process in the course of his training. Also, it's during training that puppies and adults often form bonds that last a lifetime. When you apply "positive reinforcement" - otherwise known as the reward incentive - your puppies are more likely to remember the lessons learned during this time, and to feel good whenever they apply what they've learned any time in the future.

Many kinds of edible dog treats are available in the market - most of them are carefully prepared so that they can be enjoyed by all types of dogs. But there are some treats that your dog will like more than most. Some dogs prefer jerky more, while others prefer cookies, but nearly all dogs like treats as a whole. Pay close attention to your puppy's reaction when you give him certain types of treats, this is how you'll be able to tell which treats to invest in the most. But sometimes, pets get tired of the same flavor, even if it's they're favorite. This usually happens when they receive treats frequently - such as three times a day. Once your pet shows lack of enthusiasm for a certain flavor, change the flavor or kinds of treats you buy regularly.

If you'd like to save on money, though, you may want to bake or cook the treats yourself! There is an abundance of recipes and tips online, which you can print out and bring to the kitchen with you. The materials used for making dog treats are seldom expensive (only the really gourmet treats would put a noticeable strain on your wallet), and the cooking-and-tasting process could be a fun experience for you and your pet as well.

Rawhide bones may not be "treats" per se... especially in the case of teething puppies, whom you should habitually give chewable toys and other things that will keep their jaws off the shoes and the furniture. But for both puppies and adult dogs, rawhide bones could be an excellent way to keep them happy, and to assure them that they're being well-behaved. Rawhide bones are synthetic chewing implements, shaped like regular animal bones, but imbued with healthy stuff like calcium, and spiced up with flavors that dogs love.

You don't need to stock up on treats all throughout your pet's life, but during training periods, these are essential. It's guaranteed, dog treats will help you and your pet have a happier relationship!

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