How to Get Rid of Fleas on Puppies

Puppies offer a seamless setting that is a soothing feeding and laying ground for fleas. Fleas are totally undesirable because they cause the puppies skin to become prickly and exasperated. In unembellished instances, the puppies are rendered anaemic due to loss of blood. Regrettably, getting rid of fleas is a daunting task when puppies are involved for the reason that their bodies are not formed to handle strong insecticides. Consequently, eradicating the fleas might involve puppy cleanliness that goes in parallel to the treatment of the mother among other ways.


The absence of prescription products or items suitable for puppies leaves the public with no other choice than to undertake some of the steps outlined in this text.

Removal of fleas can incorporate bathing the puppy. This can be done by placing some water, at a standard temperature in a sink and placing the puppy in it. The puppy’s head should be supported while you scoop and pour water on its coat to make it totally wet. After a thorough wash, the puppy is dried using a towel and screened.

Apart from that, the puppy’s coat can be combed to remove the fleas. To execute this, the puppy should be placed on a flat comfortable place. A flea comb should then be used to groom the damp fur to get rid of fleas. Removal of fleas should commence at the puppy’s neck and then done keenly to its tail. Fleas can also be controlled by keeping it away from infected animals and treating the mother.

A flea collar can also protect puppies of flea discomfort. Two basic kinds of flea collars for hounds exist. One releases a gas that kills the fleas on your dog, or in the vicinity. On the other hand, the other holds medication that seeps into the dog’s skin and is more effective. However, flea collars should be used together with to prescribed medication. Want to read more about flea collars for dogs? Visit http://petcomments.com/best-flea-collars-for-dogs/.

Size is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a collar. This is vital because dogs can be able to gnaw on the collar and ingest harmful toxins. Moreover, the collar should also not be small enough that it makes the dog uncomfortable. Generally, flea collars do not contain medication that is meant to harm dogs.

Some type collars include:

Seresto Flea Collars

This type of collar has been in the market for a long time and its efficacy has been proven (up to eight months). It eliminates fleas and it is waterproof, so it gives you the room to allow your dog to bathe with it on.

4 in 1 Dog Flea Collar

This type of collar is made of nylon and works well for small dogs. It can be adjusted from 21 to 30 centimetres diameter. Its most appealing feature is its simplicity and unique clip attachment that can be easily removed. It releases a gas that eradicates fleas and eggs. It works for about four months thus providing an ample time not only kill the bugs but also larvae. Regrettably, this type of collar is not waterproof, so you cannot bathe while it has one of these collars on.

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