Joining a San Diego Dog Obedience Club: What’s in It for You?

Want to meet up with other dog trainers in your area, but don't know where to look? The Internet is the best place to start. Directories of good dog training facilities and organizations can be found virtually everywhere, with the proper use of comprehensive search engines like Google. If you happen to be in the California area, look into joining a San Diego dog obedience club, and you won't need to go far to meet other dog enthusiasts with the same interests.

A San Diego dog obedience club is not uncommon; there are in fact many of them scattered throughout the county. You could meet other dog trainers or owners of specific breeds, as with a Collie Club or a German Shepherd Club. These groups are generally non-profit; they're congregations of pet enthusiasts, who sometimes organize fun events, get-togethers and even pageants and other fund-raising activities. The funds raised by these organizations help in improving the group's facilities and stock equipment that would help members take better care of their dogs.

Among the more famous dog obedience clubs in the San Diego area is the All-Breed Obedience Club of San Diego, Inc. This group also offers training and citizenship classes for dog owners... and if you're a competitive dog owner who is serious about raising award-winning pets, the group also offers competition classes, though these are not always available. While some dog obedience groups cater strictly to owners of purebred dogs, owners of mixed breed and purebred dogs are welcome in All-Breed. Check out their Web site at http://www.aboci.com/.

Another famous group is the Hidden Valley Obedience Club of North San Diego County, Inc. This group, established in 1986, actively promotes positive reinforcement and humane dog training methods. This organization provides basic and advanced dog training classes, held by volunteer club members. They also offer special safety training classes, such as their Rattlesnake Avoidance Training program, which are by-appointment only. The HVOC conducts annual obedience trials in May and October.

Joining a dog group would be an excellent investment for you and your pet. Don't take any chances if you want your pet to grow up healthy, strong... and above all, a prize-winner! A pet owner residing in the California area would want to check out a San Diego Dog Obedience Club. Your pet will certainly be grateful for the extra mile you go to in order to secure his happiness and proper growth.

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