Soothe Your Pet with Songs With Barking Dogs

You may be surprised to hear songs with barking dogs on FM radio. As a matter of fact, using sound effects like barking hasn't stopped at "How Much is that Doggie in the Window?" - there are even pop songs that use this particular effect! Have you ever heard of the Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out?" Well, it has human-produced dog sounds, but it's still dog-themed, and it's still a kind of barking! Take a gander at this one-of-a-kind musical sub-genre. It may be quite entertaining for both you and your pet!

Songs with barking dogs are sure to perk up your puppy's ears. Was that really a dog singing along with a human? If anything could make your puppy zoom like lightning to the record player, it would be a song with dogs making melodious rhythmic sounds to accompany human instruments and voices. Most songs with barking dogs in them are fun and light-hearted - perhaps they could be something not just your pet, but your child can enjoy as well!

The "ultimate" album of songs with dog barking recordings is said to be Christmas Unleashed, released by the Jingle Dogs. As an adult, you may find it a bit too filled with holiday cheer for your taste, but as a pet lover, you're sure to appreciate how high-spirited it will make your puppy feel! Holiday cheer isn't just for humans after all - it can be for pets, too! Another feel-good album is The World's Best Dog Music... Ever, which comes highly recommended by the noted "animal communicator," Dr. Kim Ogden-Avrutik.

Moenia's "Lado Animal" has a much more serious use of the sound of barking dogs. It was incorporated into the soundtrack of the Spanish-language movie Amores Perros, which is a disturbing and beautiful movie which likens the relationships between dogs to relationships between human beings. Another serious use of the song is in Sublime's "Waiting for My Ruca." These two songs are definitely not for kids. Watch out for bad words!

For a change of pace, try Tails of the City, the songs inside which were composed and compiled by singer/arranger/pianist Murray Weinstock. These 12 clever songs were composed from the point of view of dogs! It may not have as many animal sounds as other albums, but it certainly makes for a warm and welcome companion during cold lonely nights!

When you're away on a long trip, and your puppy feels restless and sad without you, you can ask your caretaker to play his favorite album of songs with barking dogs. This should help you both sleep well until master and pet are reunited!

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