Stopping Neighbor Dogs from Barking -- Ideas to Consider

Ever had ceaseless noises made by a neighbor's dog keep you from a good night's sleep? Annoying, isn't it? But more than annoying, it's unhealthy, especially if it's allowed to go on for many nights. Little children and sick people in the household would be especially negatively affected by lack of sleep, so if you have any in your household, let it be your responsibility to think of ways of stopping neighbor dogs from barking.

Stopping neighbor dogs from barking is a daunting task, because no good neighbor would want to engage in willingly! It should be far more difficult if your neighbor himself (or herself, as the case may be) is unpleasant. You wouldn't want to go face-to-face with guys who'll be virtually impossible to talk to. And yet, the first person you need to inform about having an inconveniently noisy pet... is the pet's owner himself.

So the first thing you should do is write an anonymous note... or else have a friend place an anonymous phone call. If you're confident your voice isn't too distinctive, place the call yourself. But be careful that your identity is not found out. Unpleasant neighbors may be bullies as well, and make instant enemies of you for bringing the matter to their attention, thinking you're spoiling for a fight. Attempt to make the note or the call as friendly as possible; always assume first of all that the matter can be civilly resolved. And even if your neighbor doesn't happen to be Mr. Camaraderie himself, try not to be rude so as not to aggravate the matter.

If this doesn't work, it may be time to approach the neighborhood authorities. Call your landlord, or your homeowners association. Chances are your other neighbors are angered by the noise made by the dog as well, and will support your complaint. Then your oblivious neighbor wouldn't be able to peg the blame of complaining on anyone specific! Also, make sure to keep a written log of all your activities related to trying to stop the barking - i.e. slipping a note under your neighbor's door or placing a call to your neighbor. This will be useful when filing your complaint.

It isn't recommended that you hit or in any way attempt to discipline your neighbor's dog. You don't own the dog, and besides, it's your neighbor's responsibility to keep his pets in check. But if the dog happens to be an outdoors dog, perhaps even a stray, it might be best to let the neighborhood dogs handle it. The local pound might also be of help.

Attempt to sympathize with your neighbor. Consider that your neighbor may need help with making his dog stop barking as well. Different owners apply different training methods, and some dogs will not respond to certain approaches. Stopping neighbor dogs from barking requires a great deal of sensitivity, and the sooner this matter is "hushed up," the sooner you can regain a good night's sleep!

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