Training Stubborn Puppy to Behave!

Headstrong puppies can be a pain. This is probably why pet owners almost cry tears of despair when it comes to training Stubborn Puppy. Even as they're unbearably cute, you can't help but be exasperated at the way they refuse to follow orders, and generally drive it in that they are the boss of you! Your "alpha male" puppy will insist on going his own way, but you can't let him get away without training, stubborn puppy that he is.

When it comes to training, Stubborn Puppy will resist most coaxing and cajoling if he is being taught to do something. And the more he's allowed to get away with it, the more he does it! Treats and praise are the way to the heart of a stubborn puppy, but you should only apply this technique if you want to get him to do something good - what should you do if you want to stop him from doing something bad?

Dominant puppies will usually resort to aggression to get out of tight spots. When being forced into doing something he doesn't want to do, Stubborn Puppy will growl and bark ceaselessly, or worse, attempt to bite you. But this rebellion is really just an indication that the puppy thinks he's in a war of wills, and he can come out on top. Aggressively hitting or mistreating Stubborn Puppy will only result in making him more hostile toward you. That's not the way to gain his respect! If you want him to stop biting or barking, one way to go is to clamp his muzzle shut with one hand and say "No!" firmly. Puppy may struggle, but after repeated performances, he'll get the hint: he has to stop when you say "No!" or be restrained again.

You may not be able to catch Stubborn Puppy's muzzle quickly enough when you take him out on walks. An outdoor version of the muzzle technique is making Puppy wear a head collar - a halter that restricts his jaw movement, similar to what you do with your hand when you say "No!" This will teach him not to bark or bite in public. Attaching a leash to his head collar will allow him you to control how far he goes, or to reel him in and temper his aggression, without harming him.

The important thing is to prove to Stubborn Puppy that you're the top dog! If he's still a small pup, you can stop him from acting wild by picking him up in your arms and holding him to you, saying "No!" firmly, until he calms down. If he's a larger puppy, you can pin him to the floor and hold him down, repeating the "No!" technique. Training Stubborn Puppy may seem like a daunting task, but you'll both be the better for it when he grows up to be an obedient, even-tempered, all-around lovable dog!

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